More reviews for my book 'Flowers are My Passport' 

"As well as recounting Barry's life with flowers this illustrated auto biography - come - memoir relishes his adventures among the NYC glitterati and he has an astonishing recall of events along the way." - Gordon , Collier, New Zealand House and Garden, March issue 

"Floral designer J Barry Ferguson can tell you a thing or two about Manhattan society he does exactly that in his new book Flowers are My Passport - entertaining anecdotes about his life in New Zealand and in the US." - Carol Bucknell, Your Home and Garden, January 16.

"As a kiwi in New York I felt a little like a curiosity but then one day walking down 5th Avenue street in Manhattan when someone honked and waved - that's all it took, I felt like I belonged." - Mahurangi Matters, January 

"The flowers in the Playhouse were simply beautiful and created a magical environment for Mrs. Astor's birthday party- I know you put a great deal of thought into the party, Barry, and I am most grateful to you. It was an evening that we will remember for a long time - David Rockefeller 

"Loved your book I read and savored every word as I have had interactions with so many members of the gardeners fraternity that you have mentioned. What a fascinating life you have lived and what a gift you have given to your family and friends to document so many of your adventures. The title of your book is happily evocative of the sharing nature of gardeners everywhere." - Jeanne Will, New Jersey