4 months ago November 26th, I launched my new book 'Flowers are My Passport' with invited guests and the media on a sunny afternoon in Eden Gardens. Since then book sales have increased and through our connection with Fishpond-distributors copies are being enjoyed globally. I thought to share some of the reviews we have had so far; positive words continue to land in this office. You might be interested to see what others have said. 

"I have never been able to understand how Barry has always been able to make his life simply overflow- travel, people, places, and always flowers. But this little book gives some idea how it is done and will bring great pleasure to many."  - Robin Muir, ex Pegasus Press

"J Barry Ferguson is the quintessential example of the caption, "New Zealand boy done good in New York" From his work as long-time curator of Greenacre Park, a quiet haven for Manhattanites, to his lavish floral decorations for private clients, many of the cities most famous names and institutions" - Bookreps Auckland, New Zealand

"Barry is  a marvelous raconteur and Flowers are My Passport is a pacy romp through his life and his world of flowers." - Anon.

"I loved this book as I am a gardener and have done a considerable amount of travelling around the world always gravitating towards gardens whether it is Florence, Rome, Paris, even Vietnam. This is a beautiful book which would make a wonderful gift and an attribution to Christine Frayling." - Booksellers New Zealand