Moving day

As is usual these last days of April are mild, sunny and great growing times. I'm gathering Persimmon and walnuts and the last of the apples. It's been a glorious late summer this year, anyone planning a visit to New Zealand should definitely choose this weather reliable time of the year. Each lovely day I'm trying to record in the minds eye the panorama spread out from the deck, of the Mahurangi river and off-shore islands. Why on earth would I want to move?

Frankly, on this extensive property I find there is now just too much to maintain. I plan to move to Warkworth town and a charming house on the river bank with much less garden maintenance required. Yes, I intend to take some plants with me, - a number of hybrid Clivia, a collection of Nerines in pots, presently in bloom, which I included in a recent post. Although their flowering season is brief, it's spectacular and a stand out as summer ends.

I plan to share some pictures of the new house as we move in during May. It's late in the game, at my age but I'm ready for a new challenge and Nancy and I are happy to move into the village. We can walk into town, in 10 minutes.