Autumn Fragrance

Guests arriving at my front door ask what is that fragrance that envelopes them.
Clambering through a web of wires below the tinted corrugated vinyl roof of the car port, my
Stephanotis floribunda, or Madagascar jasmine is offering its late summer show.  Pure white waxy florets traditionally appear
in  wedding bouquets, and when growing happily, in dappled light, produce a long season of bloom.
A gentle but seductive perfume makes this aristocrat among vines, well worth growing. Yes, this lovely climber does indeed hail
from Madagascar, with related species occurring in Malaysia,

Doubling the pleasure of this aerial display is a native Chilean vine, also with waxy white clusters of bloom that is also on show right now, enhancing the effect. I'm well above the Frost line on my hill,  and these vines thrive.

‚ÄčAutumn arrives with cooler nights, and the garden revives‚Äč.