More reviews for my book 'Flowers are My Passport' 

"As well as recounting Barry's life with flowers this illustrated auto biography - come - memoir relishes his adventures among the NYC glitterati and he has an astonishing recall of events along the way." - Gordon , Collier, New Zealand House and Garden, March issue 

"Floral designer J Barry Ferguson can tell you a thing or two about Manhattan society he does exactly that in his new book Flowers are My Passport - entertaining anecdotes about his life in New Zealand and in the US." - Carol Bucknell, Your Home and Garden, January 16.

"As a kiwi in New York I felt a little like a curiosity but then one day walking down 5th Avenue street in Manhattan when someone honked and waved - that's all it took, I felt like I belonged." - Mahurangi Matters, January 

"The flowers in the Playhouse were simply beautiful and created a magical environment for Mrs. Astor's birthday party- I know you put a great deal of thought into the party, Barry, and I am most grateful to you. It was an evening that we will remember for a long time - David Rockefeller 

"Loved your book I read and savored every word as I have had interactions with so many members of the gardeners fraternity that you have mentioned. What a fascinating life you have lived and what a gift you have given to your family and friends to document so many of your adventures. The title of your book is happily evocative of the sharing nature of gardeners everywhere." - Jeanne Will, New Jersey



4 months ago November 26th, I launched my new book 'Flowers are My Passport' with invited guests and the media on a sunny afternoon in Eden Gardens. Since then book sales have increased and through our connection with Fishpond-distributors copies are being enjoyed globally. I thought to share some of the reviews we have had so far; positive words continue to land in this office. You might be interested to see what others have said. 

"I have never been able to understand how Barry has always been able to make his life simply overflow- travel, people, places, and always flowers. But this little book gives some idea how it is done and will bring great pleasure to many."  - Robin Muir, ex Pegasus Press

"J Barry Ferguson is the quintessential example of the caption, "New Zealand boy done good in New York" From his work as long-time curator of Greenacre Park, a quiet haven for Manhattanites, to his lavish floral decorations for private clients, many of the cities most famous names and institutions" - Bookreps Auckland, New Zealand

"Barry is  a marvelous raconteur and Flowers are My Passport is a pacy romp through his life and his world of flowers." - Anon.

"I loved this book as I am a gardener and have done a considerable amount of travelling around the world always gravitating towards gardens whether it is Florence, Rome, Paris, even Vietnam. This is a beautiful book which would make a wonderful gift and an attribution to Christine Frayling." - Booksellers New Zealand 


Another celebrated fragrant white flower, the Gardenia justifies it's place in the garden if you're free of frost and strong winds. The semi-formal bloom a favorite button hole flower in Edwardian times has an exquisite fragrance. Native to China the off white bloom has almost suede like appearance among glossy green leaves and when sheltered will continue to bloom though the summer. It's well worth trying.

Brilliant Nerines

As the nights grow cooler, one of the most beautiful manifestations of early fall is the appearance of the first to bloom Nerines - N fothergillii var. major surviving happily in the rockery, baked by the relentless sun. All of a sudden up come the pointed flower buds, just a few and then finally 18 or 20 stems bursting into bloom, 30 centimeters tall or more. It's one of the most flamboyant of the great lily family and seemingly thrives on neglect. Over the years I've collected others of this lovely family which flower a little later. Outstanding is the larger white flowered form which appears to have silver flecks within the petals, It's almost iridescent. Nerines are aristocrats in my book and reward any effort in their care. Frost free in my garden they thrive happily.  

Autumn Fragrance

Guests arriving at my front door ask what is that fragrance that envelopes them.
Clambering through a web of wires below the tinted corrugated vinyl roof of the car port, my
Stephanotis floribunda, or Madagascar jasmine is offering its late summer show.  Pure white waxy florets traditionally appear
in  wedding bouquets, and when growing happily, in dappled light, produce a long season of bloom.
A gentle but seductive perfume makes this aristocrat among vines, well worth growing. Yes, this lovely climber does indeed hail
from Madagascar, with related species occurring in Malaysia,

Doubling the pleasure of this aerial display is a native Chilean vine, also with waxy white clusters of bloom that is also on show right now, enhancing the effect. I'm well above the Frost line on my hill,  and these vines thrive.

‚ÄčAutumn arrives with cooler nights, and the garden revives‚Äč.